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Speeding up your PC

The PCs of the current age are very quick & flexible. They can perform various functions efficiently. But after using the PC for a long time, its performance gradually starts declining. There are several causes of such a change. It can be difficult to know the exact causes of it. But there are some causes which are generally common with all the PC users. So, here are some tips on improving the speed of your PC., along with the causes of speed reduction.

Note : Click on a tip to view its details, like how & why the tip should be followed.

Keep the disk drives defragmented

Keep your registry defragmented

Turn off visual effects to boost your PC performance

Decrease the number of applications on the Startup List

Turn off System Restore

Optimize the Registry

Hello! Welcome to PC Beginners. Here, some useful tips for your PC will be given. This blog is meant for everyone, but it is mainly for those people who have little experience with computers. I am sure that your stay on this site will be a pleasant one!

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