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How to change the location of My Music, My Pictures, etc.

Windows contains special folders like My Music, My Pictures, My Videos &My Documents, Music & Pictures (Image) My Documents. These folders are default for their respective files. This means that :

  • My Pictures is the default folder for saving digicam pictures, custom-created images, etc.
  • My Music for music files, ripped audio CDs, etc.
  • My Documents is a default folder for saving documents, spreadsheets & presentations. And, some softwares / games also use this folder for saving their settings.

  • These folders are located in the local drive (The drive on which Windows is installed) And, we cannot change its location directly, except that of My Documents. This can act as a dis-advantage in many cases. Fortunately, this location can be changed with a simple trick.

    This can be useful in many ways. Example. You may have a large music collection in a different location than the My Music folder. Then, you may wish to automatically rip Audio CDs to that different location rather than the My Music Folder. This can easily be done by changing the default location of the My Music folder to your particular folder. The same applies for Video, Picture or Document collections.

    So, for changing the location of a special folder,

    For Windows XP :

    1. Download Tweak UI, a Windows XP Power Toy.
    After installing, open it from Start --> All Programs --> Powertoys for Windows XP --> TweakUI.

    Image of TweakUI tool, showing how to change the location of the 'My Videos' special folder

    2. Expand the My Computer tab & click on Special Folders.

    3. Select the special folder that you wish to change. 

    (Note : Don't select the same location for two or more different special folders, & do not point a location to system folders like 'Fonts')

    4. Then, change the location to your preferred folder.

    That's it! Now, the folders will point to your chosen location.

    Login to multiple IMs without any software

    Instant Messaging is an excellent feature of the Internet. Just by connecting to the Internet, people can chat, talk & even see each other, though they may be very far away physically. 

    There are several comanies which provide this service to their users. However, with the exception of some services, to be able to chat, you need to install an application on the PC. (Ex. Windows Live Messenger by Live mail) In addition, this software only supports its respective chatting platform. Thus, to use different chatting platforms, one needs to install many different programs.

    All these problems can be solved by using Meebo or Both of these are online applications that empower you to use multiple chatting platforms at once right from your web browser, without the need of any software. 


    Picture of :  This tool has a special feature by which you can link all your accounts with one another, without the need to create an account with the tool.

    Picture of

    Note : There are also many softwares for using multiple chatting platforms simultenously. But, this articles focusses only on the online applications.

    Search multiple search engines at once

    Everyone generally has a preferred search engine which is used to fulfill all one's search needs. But sometimes, when searching for rare topics, that one search engine may not give the required results. Thus, one then uses some other search engine for the search. This, in turn, gives several duplicate results & it too, may not give the required results.

    Thus, when searching for rare topics, it is advisable to search multiple search engines at once. There are many online tools available for this purpose, which are called Meta search engines. These tools search major search engines for your query & then present to you the results together, with the search rankings determined by the average rankings from the concerned search engines. These tools are listed & explained below :

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