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Optimize the PC using Advanced Windows Care

Why should I use Advanced Windows Care 2 to optimize my PC?
As I had written before in a previous article, the PC tends to gradually slow down & become less efficient. This is caused due to several factors like spywares, obsolete registry entries, junk files, etc. Now, fixing all these problems individually is a very cumbersome task. That's why you should use tools like AWC2, as it can repair the PC for multiple problems quickly.

It can search & repair your PC for :

  • Spywares
  • Un-immunized spywares
  • Obsolete registry entries
  • Unoptimized System Configurations
  • Unneeded Startup items
  • Surfing history/Internet Cache (Temporary Internet files)
  • Junk files

How can I use the utility?

The user interface of AWC2 is very simple. Clicking on the Scan button starts the scanning process of AWC2, which shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. Then, click on the Repair button to repair all the problems found.

Note :

1- Before repairing a particular item, AWC2 makes a back-up of the system, which facilitates easy recovery in case something goes wrong.
2- Also, you can view the un-optimized items separately before the repair if you wish to. You can also instruct the software to de-list certain items, if you want.

Thus, it is highly recommended to use this tool regularly due to its simplicity & powerful features. Use it every fortnight to ensure that your PC remains nice & clean.

Contact Me form added

A brand new 'Contact Me' form, powered by Zoho Creator has been added to PC Beginners. Now, you can contact me anytime if you have any query regarding PCs or you wish to share your feedback with me. You can find the Contact Me link at the bottom of every page in PC Beginners.

Comment on any article

I would like to announce that comments have now been enabled in all the articles of PC Beginners. Therefore, if you wish to know more information related to a particular article or are confused with a certain term used in the article, you can easily comment on the article, by using the comment form located below the article. After entering your comment, it will be moderated by me & then, it will appear below the article. I will try to reply to your comment as soon as possible.

So, start commenting!

Optimizing the Windows Registry

Why is the Windows Registry so important?

The Windows Registry is a very important part of Windows as several programs, Windows Components, etc. use it to store its important settings. Also, the Registry is accessed by the programs extensively too. Therefore, it is very essential to optimize it to maintain its performance. An un-optimized registry can reduce the PC performance.

How does it get cluttered?

With time, the Registry gets cluttered up due to various reasons. Some programs, when uninstalled, are not able to delete its entries present in the Registry. Moreover, the Registry might become cluttered due to broken start menu items, spyware, etc.

How can I fix these problems?

Fixing these problems is very easy with the current generation of Registry care softwares. I would recommend the usage of Glary Registry Repair. It has a very easy to use user interface. You can quickly scan the Registry for several problems & repair them. Before making any repairs, it automatically makes a back-up of the Registry so that you can undo the changes safely. The help file provided by the software explains its usage very effectively.

Alternatively, you can also use CCleaner.

How to remove Windows Messenger from Windows XP (non-service pack)

Windows XP has Windows Messenger installed by default. It sure is very useful if you wish to use it regularly. But for those of us who do not want the utility, the option of removing it is not present in Windows XP (without any Service Pack). Moreover, it starts automatically with Outlook Express resulting into a long delay in starting Outlook. But if you wish to remove Windows Messenger, you can do so.

Disable/Remove Messenger is a powerful little tool that can uninstall or disable Messenger quickly. Usage of the tool is very easy. Download it from the given link. Open the ZIP file & then open the application inside it. Then, select your preferred options & click on Apply. That's it. You can remove Windows Messenger quickly through this tool.

Introducing E-mail subscriptions to PC Beginners

In this modern world, people usually have very less time to spare. And it means that though one may like a particular blog & wish to follow it regularly, one cannot check it due to time constraints. That's where the new service offered by PC Beginners, Subscriptions by E-mail, comes in. You can check it in the right-hand side of the blog in the 'Subscribe to this blog' area.

Once you sign up by entering your e-mail address in the form in the Subscribe by E-mail page, you will be sent a message by e-mail on the day when I have published a new article on PC Beginners. This e-mail will contain the title of the article along with a short paragraph on its content. You can click on the title to read the whole article on the PC Beginners blog.

Therefore, you can follow the blog much more easily through the E-mail service.

Note : You can discontinue this service for your e-mail ID anytime you wish by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the bottom part of any e-mail sent to you through this service.

Hello! Welcome to PC Beginners. Here, some useful tips for your PC will be given. This blog is meant for everyone, but it is mainly for those people who have little experience with computers. I am sure that your stay on this site will be a pleasant one!

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