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How to copy songs from Cassette Tape to PC

Recenty, I have come across an excellent technique by which we can transfer the cassette audio to the computer, in MP3 format. Thus, the songs can then be burned on an Audio CD or copied to mobile phones. You can also use this technique to make a backup copy of the Audio. 

Donate Rice by improving your Vocabulary

FreeRice banner

Today, I would like to mention a wonderful site that innovatively helps to carry out an excellent activity, donate rice to the needy people., an initiative of the World Food Program, is the site that I am talking about. It is a vocabulary game. In it, you will be given a word, the meaning of which you have to guess out of the 4 given options. For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated. And the more the correct answers given, the tougher the words become. Thus, it is quite an engaging game.

It has recently added many more game types, added to the English meanings game, like simple Arithmetic, chemical symbols, find countries on the map, etc.

Recovering permanently deleted files

Permanently deleted data includes data deleted from the Recycle Bin & formatted data.

Have you ever faced a situation where you have accidentally deleted an important file from the Recycle Bin? It is generally considered that once this happens, it is impossible to recover it. But actually, such deleted files can be recovered, though the chances of it decreases as time passes. You will need a Data Recovery software for this purpose.

Hello! Welcome to PC Beginners. Here, some useful tips for your PC will be given. This blog is meant for everyone, but it is mainly for those people who have little experience with computers. I am sure that your stay on this site will be a pleasant one!

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