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Donate Rice by improving your Vocabulary

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Today, I would like to mention a wonderful site that innovatively helps to carry out an excellent activity, donate rice to the needy people., an initiative of the World Food Program, is the site that I am talking about. It is a vocabulary game. In it, you will be given a word, the meaning of which you have to guess out of the 4 given options. For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated. And the more the correct answers given, the tougher the words become. Thus, it is quite an engaging game.

It has recently added many more game types, added to the English meanings game, like simple Arithmetic, chemical symbols, find countries on the map, etc.

Image of the FreeRice site

How does it work?
The mechanism of this site is very simple. It earns the money to be donated by Ads. Whenever a new question loads up, a new Ad is shown below the question. Thus, Freerice effectively earns the money which it gives to the UN for fighting global hunger.

Just 10 grains of rice?
Yes, that's true. That's because the Ad Revenue too is limited. However, since it's a game, you are likely to answer several questions, & thus end up helping in donating lots of grains of rice. And, if you are looking to enhance your English vocabulary, your knowledge about the location of countries, or about chemical symbols, then it's a very good idea to use FreeRice as it will help the needy as well.


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