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How to write special symbols like ©, ∆, ™, ¼, etc.

There are several symbols like ±, ∑, ∏, ≠, ® which are unavailable on the keyboard. But, we may need to type such letters sometimes. Fortunately, Windows bundles a software for this purpose, which is very easy to use.

So, to insert special characters :

1. Click on Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Character Map.
OR Open 'charmap' (without the quotes) from Start --> Run.

Accessories --> System Tools --> Character Map

Start --> Run --> 'Charmap'

2. Now, select the special symbol that you want. Alternatively, you can search for a particular symbol from the search tab in advanced view. You can even specify the character set to use (including Greek, Arabic, etc.)

3. Click on Select, copy the character, & paste it where you need it.

Or, if you wish to use these characters frequently, you can note down the shortcut key (as shown in the above picture as a red rectangle) for the concerned special character & use it whenever needed.

Converting complex units into easy-to-understand objects

Ultimate unit Converter is a unique site which converts complex technical units into sensible easy-to-understand units.

For ex. entering 1 hectare will give you results like 2 hockey fields, etc. in the Real Objects category. Therefore, we can easily assume the approximate measures of difficult units, due to the usage of commonly-seen units. It is a must-see site for all Internet surfers.

How to brighten a dark picture

Have you ever captured a very dark picture in your digital camera by mistake? You would obviously have wanted to make it more life-like & visible by adding lightning to it. And luckily, you can do so very easily.

There are several tools available for this purpose. I personally use Picasa. Here's a quick walkthrough on adding lightning to a dark picture through Picasa :

1. Open the file from within Picasa.

2. Click on "I'm feeling Lucky".

3. You will now see the improved version of the picture.

4. To save it, click on Back & then click on Save Changes. This will also back up the original picture.

5. So, there you have it! Your dark picture has been changed into a better picture with lightning, with the added benefit of undoing the change whenever. (due to the back-up)

Picasa offers other useful functions too, like redeye reduction, picture straightening, cutting (cropping), etc.

Original Picture

The improved picture

How to change your Cursor

There are several sites on the Web offering various varieties of cursors for the desktop. After downloading any cursor, you will obviously want to change your cursor to the new one. So, here are the instructions on changing your cursor :

For Windows XP :

1. Click on Start --> Control Panel

2. Open Mouse (in Classic view) or Printers & other Hardware --> Mouse (in Category view)

3. Click on the Pointers Tab

Control Panel -- Mouse -- Pointers(Click on the image to maximise it)

4. Click on a type of cursor function
5. Browse --> Select the particular cursor --> OK.

Control Panel -- Mouse -- Pointers -- Browse
So, this is how you can change your cursor.

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