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Browse the Internet safely

Use a Firewall : A firewall is a software that forbids unauthorized access to & from your computer through the Internet. It is one of the first security precautions that you should follow. I would recommend you to use ZoneAlarm which is a free, powerful yet simple tool (Download it from here) It is a very popular & effective firewall. It automatically blocks unauthorized access to your computer by outsiders. Also, whenever a software tries to access the Internet, ZoneAlarm asks us whether or to allow it to use the Internet or not.

Use Mozilla Firefox : One of the most important precaution while browsing the net is to use a secure internet browser. Mozilla Firefox is a quick, free & powerful internet browser. It is considered as one of the most secure browsers on the Internet.

Use the NoScript extension with Mozilla Firefox : Install the NoScript extension for Firefox from the link. Whenever a website is visited, it blocks all Flash & Java files (which can contain spyware) from running through Firefox & a 'Scripts currently disabled' message appears. We can also specify certain sites to be allowed Flash & Java content. For this, visit the particular site. Then, click on Options on the right hand side of the 'Scripts currently disabled' message, & then click on Allow 'Website name' .

Use McAfee Site Advisor : McAfee Site Advisor is a very good free software through which we can know whether the site that we are visiting is safe or not. Download it from the given link. Whenever a site is visited, the McAfee Site Advisor tab at the bottom of the screen shows either a red, yellow or green colour representing a dangerous, neutral or safe site respectively. On clicking on the tab, a webpage from the Site Advisor website loads showing the safety details of the site. Thus, it is a very useful tool.


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