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With the rapid increases in the usage of the Internet, the number of hackers, spammers, etc. on the Internet are on a rise too. Such unscrupulous people can extract information related to your credit card, passwords, Internet usage, etc. from your computer, thus harming your privacy to a big extent. Therefore, securing your PC from Internet threats becomes very essential. Also, there are spywares & viruses which can enter your PC from various sources like the Internet, CDs, etc. Your PC must be well-secured against these too.

So, here are the various articles posted on this blog regarding Security :

Beware of unsolicited e-mails

Analyze the EULA of softwares to make sure that the software is secure

Protect your PC from Spywares

Browse the Internet safely

Protect your Keystrokes

Hello! Welcome to PC Beginners. Here, some useful tips for your PC will be given. This blog is meant for everyone, but it is mainly for those people who have little experience with computers. I am sure that your stay on this site will be a pleasant one!

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