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Introduction to the On-screen keyboard

Did you ever feel the need to perform keyboard functions without using the keyboard, or to type something when the keyboard was un-operational? A simple application inbuilt in Windows does the trick. We are talking about the On-screen keyboard.

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What is the On-screen Keyboard?

The on-screen keyboard is a very useful mouse-operational utility that can perform all the basic functions of keyboards like typing, performing keyboard functions like Ctrl/Alt/Shift + Alphabet or Function key. ex. Alt + Tab, Alt + Ctrl + Delete, etc.

How do I open the On-screen keyboard?

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Click on Start ---> All Programs ---> Accessories ---> Accessibility ---> On-screen Keyboard.

Revamp your Desktop with Object Dock

Object Dock is a powerful free software that fully revamps your desktop so that you do not need the traditional icons anymore. It adds an attractive docklet to your desktop, in which you can place icons easily.

Here are some of its Features :

You can directly drag files or icons from the desktop to Object dock. This technique is called Drag & Drop.

The docklet can be positioned at four positions of the desktop,ie., top, bottom, left & right.

The auto-hide feature of Object Dock hides the docklet when not in use. To show it, you have to move the mouse pointer over the position of the docklet. This will show the docklet again till the mouse cursor hovers over it.

Therefore, Object Dock is a feature-rich software. The docklet with its animation effects will make your desktop experience more easier.

Refreshen your mouse cursor

Are you bored of the same old white cursor on your desktop? Then, it's time to change it into an interactive animated one. StarDocks CursorFX is a powerful free software that offers a wide range of cursors with delightful animations.. Changing the cursor is very easy from within the software interface. You can revert back to the original Windows cursor very easily too. Download it from here.

The software, being free, does have some minor limitations though. We are unable to add certain extra effects to it or change the cursor settings (size, colour, etc.). But, the free effects along with the cursors make CursorFX a must-have visual add-on for every modern desktop. So, get it now & enjoy the new cursors!

Organising the right-click context menu

What is the Right-click context menu?

The right-click context menu is the menu that appears when you press the right-click button on the mouse. This menu contains a lot of useful options like Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename, Delete, etc. Thus, the right-click context menu is very useful as it facilitates quick changes of certain settings & file management.

Why would I want to organise it?

Many softwares like WinZip, Winamp, etc. add their software's options in the right-click context menu by default. This is definitely useful as we are then able to use these software functions quickly. But, as more & more softwares add their respective functions in the right-click context menu, it starts getting more & more cluttered. Thus, the context menu goes from a simple useful menu to a cluttered & confusing menu.

Therefore, it is advisable to organise the context menu.

How can I organise it?

Normally, organising the Windows context menus is not possible by default. This constraint is removed with the help of a powerful, free software called Mmm. It allows you to effortlessly organise the context menu just like the way we organise files in folders. Thus, it is very simple to use. Download it from here.

How can I use Mmm?

The help file provided with Mmm explains the way to use Mmm in a very easy manner. It should be enough for most people to learn how to use this software.

So, enjoy this little utility which will help to make the Right-click context menu much more user-friendly!

How to add an RSS feed in Mozilla Firefox

1. When you visit a site which offers RSS feeds (like PC Beginners), you will see the RSS icon in the right-hand side of the Address bar.

Mozilla Firefox : Address bar with the RSS icon

2. Click on it. If the site offers more than one feed, you will see a list of the RSS feeds offered. Click on the feed that you wish to subscribe to.

3. You will now see a description of the RSS feed.

4. You will also have an option to select the RSS reader of your choice. For basic PC users, Live Bookmarks is the best.

Mozilla Firefox : Select RSS reader
(Click on the image to maximize it)

5. Now, click on the 'Subscribe now' button. Then, you can specify the location where you wish to have the RSS feed. You will have two options, the Bookmarks menu or the Bookmarks toolbar. After selecting the preferred option, click on Add.

Mozilla Firefox : Add Live Bookmark dialog box

(Click on the image to enlarge it)
Bookmarks Toolbar

(Click on the image to enlarge it)
Bookmarks Menu

There you have it, the RSS feed has been added! Now, whenever you open Firefox, the RSS will get updated. If you wish to update it manually, you can right-click on the concerned feed & click on 'Reload Live Bookmark'. Enjoy this powerful feature, RSS!

Personalize the web with RSS

RSS IconWhat is RSS?

RSS (Rich Site Syndication) is a very useful little invention of the Web. It simply syndicates the articles on blogs or news sites & presents it to you in a compact way in your web browser itself. You are shown the titles of the latest articles of the respective websites. To view the main content, you can click on the respective title which will direct you to the article in the concerned website.

Therefore, there's no need to visit the concerned web-site to view its latest articles. It is immensely useful if you are the type of user who visits various types of sites daily to view its latest articles. Generally, you can have infinite amount of RSS feeds in your web browser.

Here's an example of an RSS Feed :

(Click on the image to maximize it)

Here, the RSS feed of PC Beginners has been shown. As you can see, the titles of the latest articles can be viewed through RSS. Clicking on a title will direct you to the article on the concerned website.

How to add an RSS feed?

For Mozilla Firefox

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