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Protect your Keystrokes

As you know, the Internet is used for several productive purposes these days. This includes the usage of credit cards for online purchasing, operating bank accounts through the Internet, etc. Most of the sites that need bank or credit-card information use a strong 128-bit (or 256-bit, in some cases) encryption technique which protects the information entered into the site from unauthorized use by outsiders. But, there are still some sites which do not use such a technique. Thus, the information entered in such sites can be exploited. Hackers can misuse such sensitive information to withdraw money from our bank account & credit card or to use your e-mail account.

In addition to this, there are certain spywares which track your keystrokes & send it to unscrupulous websites. Keystrokes means the buttons pressed on the keyboard. Thus, information like passwords entered are included in keystrokes. Thus, such websites can make use of your personal accounts for their purpose. Though most spywares can be removed by use of anti-spyware softwares, some spywares may still remain on the PC.

Thus, it becomes highly essential to protect your keystrokes. This can be done by encrypting your keystrokes at the moment when they are entered. A powerful keystroke encryption extension for Mozilla Firefox is KeyScrambler. It is highly recommended to use it.


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