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Analyze the EULA of softwares to make sure that the software is secure

Whenever we try to install a software, we are given an EULA (End user License Agreement) to read. We can only install the software if we agree to the agreement. Now, this agreement is usually very big. That is why, many PC users tend to skip this & directly install the software. Unscrupulous softwares mention their shady intents in the EULA. Therefore, it is important to take care if such intents are mentioned in the EULA or not. Since reading the EULA is a long & tedious task, it is advisable to use an EULA analyzing software to check the EULA.

EULAlyzer is an effective software which analyzes any EULA & gives us a list of suspect items, if any, in it. We can then decide whether or not to install the software. Its basic version is free. To analyze an EULA :

1) Whenever you come across an EULA, Select the complete EULA by dragging the pointer from the first letter of the EULA to the last, right-click on the selected text & click on Copy.
2) Open EULAlyzer.
3) Click on Analyze on the left hand side menu, or from the 'Scan new license agreement' link below the 'EULAlyzer scan' area.
4) Right click on the blank area below the License Agreement area & click on Paste.
5) Click on Analyze.
6) The EULA will then be analyzed & a list of suspect items will be given to you.


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