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Decrease the number of applications on the Startup List.

The Startup list has a list of the applications that start along with Windows. Many applications put itself on the Startup list by default. Thus, the startup time of Windows increases considerably. So, it is recommended to reduce the number of programs on the Startup list. To do this :

1) Open the Start menu (By clicking on Start/Pressing the Windows key)
2) Click on Run.
3) Type 'msconfig' & press Enter/Click on OK.

(Click on the image to maximize it)

4) Then click on the Startup tab.
5) Now, uncheck the programs that you do not wish to open on Startup. The lesser the programs selected, the less time it will take to start the PC.
6) Click on OK.
7) You will then be asked to restart your computer, which is not necessary. So, you can click on 'Exit without Restart'.
8) When you start the OS (Operating System) again after following the above steps, a window of an msconfig message will appear. Check the option given above the OK button & click on OK.

Some programs get ticked again even if you untick it. For such programs, you can mention to them not to start on Startup by changing the settings/preferences in the program. Also, if you wish to load only the basic applications on Startup (to minimize the Startup time), follow the above steps till Step 3. Then, select the Diagnostic Startup & click on OK & then follow the 7th & 8th steps.

(Click on the image to maximize it)

Note : Microsoft product screen shot(s) reprinted with permission from Microsoft Corporation.

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