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How to associate any download manager with Mozilla Firefox

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When you install a download manager, it will automatically associate with Internet Explorer (IE). So, when you click on a download link in IE, Flashget will open to download the file. To associate any download manager with Mozilla Firefox, install the Flashgot extension which can associate lots of download managers with Firefox, including Flashget, Free Download Manager, Getright, Orbit, etc.

How to install & set up the Flashgot plugin :

1) Visit the Flashgot Extension page.
2) Click on 'Add to Firefox'.
3) Firefox will then ask you to confirm the download of the extension for security reasons. To confirm the download, click on Install now. Firefox will start downloading the extension.
4) After the download finishes, you will be prompted to restart Firefox to install Flashgot. So, restart Firefox.

5) After Firefox opens, go to Tools ---> Add-ons ---> In the Extensions tab, Click on Flashgot ---> Options.

(Firefox) Tools -- Addons
(Click on the image to enlarge it)

(Firefox) Addons -- Flashgot -- Options
(Click on the image to enlarge it)

6) From here, select the download manager which you want to associate, in the 'Download Manager' area, if it is not already selected. Click on OK & close the Add-ons window.

Firefox)Select download manager(Click on the image to enlarge it)

This will integrate the download manager with Firefox. Now, whenever you click on a download link, a download window will pop up from which you can not only open the file with a particular application or download the file with the basic download manager but also download the file via the Flashgot extension ie., your download manager.

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