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How to copy songs from Cassette Tape to PC

Recenty, I have come across an excellent technique by which we can transfer the cassette audio to the computer, in MP3 format. Thus, the songs can then be burned on an Audio CD or copied to mobile phones. You can also use this technique to make a backup copy of the Audio. 

For this, the following link is the best resource that I found on the Net :

How to Transfer Cassette Tape to Computer: 12 steps - wikiHow

And here's how I could carry out the transfer :

1. First, you need a 3.5mm double-ended audio cable

2. Plug in one side of the cable into the cassette player's 'Headphone' jack & the other into the PC's 'microphone' jack.

Make sure that the volume of the cassette player is not too high, to avoid damage to the sound card.

Select the 'Line-in' option in the Recording options of your PC. 

To do this :

Double click on the sound icon in the taskbar (or go to Start --> Control Panel --> Sound & Audio Devices --> Advanced)

Then go to Options --> Properties, select Recording (or you may first need to select the Input Mixer Device)

Make sure that the Line-in device is checked, click on OK. Then, select the Line-in option.

3. Put the cassette to copy into the cassette player. Fully rewind it so that you can copy the whole cassette.

4. Then, open up an audio editing software (I would recommend Audacity)

5. Press the 'Record' button in the audio software & then press the 'Play' button in the cassette player.

6. That's it! As the songs plays in the player, it gets recorded into the PC. After the cassette finishes playing, stop the recording process & save the recorded audio . Thus, the audio has been copied in digital format.

(Note: If you are using Audacity, you will need the 'lame_enc.dll' file to save files in MP3. You can easily find & download the file by searching for it on the Net)

You can then edit the Audio to save the songs individually, rather than having all the recorded songs of the cassette in one file. 

So, Happy Recording!


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