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Search multiple search engines at once

Everyone generally has a preferred search engine which is used to fulfill all one's search needs. But sometimes, when searching for rare topics, that one search engine may not give the required results. Thus, one then uses some other search engine for the search. This, in turn, gives several duplicate results & it too, may not give the required results.

Thus, when searching for rare topics, it is advisable to search multiple search engines at once. There are many online tools available for this purpose, which are called Meta search engines. These tools search major search engines for your query & then present to you the results together, with the search rankings determined by the average rankings from the concerned search engines. These tools are listed & explained below : & Scour : These are excellent tools. They not only show you the combined search results but also show you their ranking in the Google, Yahoo! & Bing search engines.

Image of '' search engineImage of 'Scour' search engine
URL.comScour search

Mamma MetasearchDogpile Web Search : These tools use the search engines Google, Yahoo!, Bing & Ask for providing the search results.
Image of 'Mamma' search engine
Image of 'Dogpile' search engine
Mamma SearchDogpile Web search

The search engines listed above are very similar to each other. Thus, you can use any search engine that you find suitable to you.
Happy Meta-Searching!


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