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Recovering permanently deleted files

Permanently deleted data includes data deleted from the Recycle Bin & formatted data.

Have you ever faced a situation where you have accidentally deleted an important file from the Recycle Bin? It is generally considered that once this happens, it is impossible to recover it. But actually, such deleted files can be recovered, though the chances of it decreases as time passes. You will need a Data Recovery software for this purpose.

There are various such softwares like Recuva, PC Inspector File Recovery, Pandora File Recovery, etc. available for this purpose. You can find many more such free softwares by searching for 'File Recovery freewares' on any search engine.

How to use such softwares?

Using such softwares is very easy.

1. Firstly, you will be asked to select the drive from which the files are to be recovered.

2. Then, the software will scan the selected drive for deleted files. This will generally take some time.

3. You will then be shown a list of the deleted files of the drive, along with the directory from where the file was deleted & its recovery status.

The Recovery status is an interesting part of information. As the name suggests, it shows the recovery status of any deleted file, ranging from Unrecoverable to Excellent. A file with Excellent recovery status is most likely to get recovered, while one with Unrecoverable status can not get recovered.

Note : You can also recover data from pen drives by using the softwares.

Important note : If you have just accidentally deleted an important file, then you should try to recover it as soon as possible. This is because, as more & more time passes, the recovery possibility of files starts decreasing.

This is because, when a file is deleted, the space that it had occupied becomes free. Now, when a new file gets copied onto the drive, it uses some of the free space of the drive. By some chance, the new file may use the exact free space which was freed by the deleted file. In this case, the deleted file can become unrecoverable.


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