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How to find Software help effectively

There are many instances when working with a software that one does not know how to perform a particular function or does not possess the required knowledge. In such cases, one needs help. Here is what you should do for effectively finding help :

1. Check the Help file : Most softwares come with a help file built in. This file tends to fully cover all aspects of the software. Thus, it is likely that all your help needs will be fulfilled by it. 

You can access this file by pressing the F1 key or going to Help --> Contents. After opening the file, you can either go through its different sections or search for a term from the search tab, to get the information you need.

2. Online help : Some companies offer online help for their products. Thus, you can visit the product's web site (You can find the web page address from Help --> About). Then, you can search for the required information in a way similar to how you find help from the help file.

3. Search : You can also seek the info by searching for it on the Net. There are many reliable info sources online which can guide & inform you.

You can use the syntax "how to *** using 'software'" or "what is *** in 'software'"  (without the quotes) where *** stands for the required info & 'software' stands for the name of the concerned software.

4. Ask : You can ask for the required info in sites like Yahoo! Answers, Wiki Answers, etc. or in blogs (like this one) By this way, you will most probably get your answer. And, there's also the traditional way of asking an expert PC friend for the information!

Thus, these are the ways by which you can get help for a software effectively.


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