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Disable unnecessary Windows services

The Windows operating system provides a host of services which help us in several ways. But, the more the services enabled, the slower the PC becomes. And, there are various services which are not at all useful for most types of users. These services should be disabled so that the PC doesn't unnecessarily consume extra memory & become slow. 

So, first of all, here is how you can disable a particular service :

1. Open 'services.msc' from Start --> Run.

2. From the list present in the application, right-click on the service you wish to disable & click on Properties.

3. Now, in startup type, you can select Disable to disable the service or Manual to forbid the service from automatically starting.

And now, given below is a list of services that can be disabled (with reasons) :


Note : The 4 services given below are useful if the PC is accessed remotely, ie., from another PC. And usually, the majority of users never use Remote access. If you are one of them, then you can disable the 4 services :-

ClipBook : This service helps to share information with Remote computers. 

Remote Registry : Enables remote users to modify registry settings on your computer. 

Telnet : This service is used to facilitate remote users in opening programs on your PC.

NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing : This service enables us to view our desktop remotely using NetMeeting. 

These services can be disabled too :

Alerter : This service helps in giving administrative alerts to the user. However, it can be used by hackers to harm the PC. Thus, it should be disabled. It is disabled by default in XP SP2 & is not present in Vista

Error Reporting Service : This service helps in reporting errors to Microsoft. However, if you don't wish to report errors, you can disable this service.

Messenger : This service is used for communication within a network. It too, can be misused by hackers. Thus, it should be disabled. It is disabled by default in XP SP2 & is not present in Vista

Print Spooler : It loads files to memory for later printing. If you do not use a printer, disable this service.


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