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How to remove tough Viruses

Earlier, I had published an article on staying safe from Viruses. But even while following all precautions, a Virus may still enter your PC. Fortunately, almost all the viruses will get repaired or deleted by scanning your PC with a good anti-virus software. But, there are certain viruses that cannot be removed by an anti-virus software. So, to remove such tough viruses, one can :

(Note : The anti-virus will give you the name of the virus, the name of the infected file & its directory when it informs you of its inability to remove the virus.) 

1. Scan the infected file with other anti-virus softwares :
Note down the name &  directory of the infected file. Then, scan that particular file/directory with another anti-virus program. This should most probably remove the virus. If not, then,
2. Search for the virus' removal tool :
There are many such viruses which the anti-virus programs cannot remove. For some of these viruses, specially designed removal tools are created & are available in various places on the Web. 

To search for a removal tool, 

1) Open your favourite search engine & search for the tool by using the following syntax : " 'Virus Name' removal tool" (without quotes) where 'Virus name' be replaced by the name of the virus. 

ii) Then, from the list of search results, visit a result that you find more relevant. 

iii) The resulting page will provide a download of the removal tool. Thus, downlad the removal tool & follow its instructions properly to remove the virus.

If you cannot find a tool, then

3. Revert your PC to a previous date :

Note : To use this technique, you will need to know the date when the virus infected the PC.

Note 2 : This option can only be used if the PC has System Restore enabled. And further, system restore is only available in Windows ME, XP & Vista.

By using the System Restore feature, you can revert your PC to a previous date. This will turn the PC into exactly how it was on a previous date, which will obviously remove the virus, undo all installations, data changes, etc. done between the current & reverting date. Thus, before reverting, make sure that you save all your important changed data to an external medium like CD, Pen drive, etc.

Then, to revert your PC to a previous date :

1. Start System Restore. (From Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> System Restore )

2. Select the option 'Restore my computer to a previous time (XP) / Choose a different restore point (Vista) & click on Next.

3. Then, select the date to which you wish to revert your PC. (The date selected should be the earliest date before the date when the virus infected the PC)   

4. After this process, the virus should get removed.

Thus, these are some ways by which a tough virus can be removed. Good luck in the removal of your PC's virus!


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