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How to stay safe from your Internet's download limit

The monthly download limit is an important property of ISP plans. Usually, a data transfer (download) limit is applied & if more data is transferred than it, extra proportionate charges are charged. But, manually keeping a check on the amount of data transferred is a tedious task. So, given below is information on tools that will help you to analyze your data transfer easily & effectively  :

NetMeter monitor
NetMeter : This is one of the best tools available for monitoring data transfer. It carries out its task very effectively. It runs in the
background & monitors the data download & upload. Then, you can easily view the amount of data transferred & other such information from the Reports & Totals option (contained in the the right-click context menu of NetMeter's monitor or its taskbar icon). You can also view the daily, weekly & monthly reports from this option.

NetMeter Analysis
NetMeter --> Totals & Reports option

Should I set NetMeter to run on Start-up?
Yes, if you use an Internet connection that is always on, ie., which does not require you to start an extra application like a dialer. However, if you have a connection that starts with a dialer, you can disable this option & then start NetMeter everytime you connect to the Internet. If you forget things often, then it's recommended to let it run automatically on Start-up.

I will post about more such powerful, free tools for monitoring data transfer once I find them.


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