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ISP Internet Plans explained

With the increasing demand for the Internet, several ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have entered the competition. All of them provide a choice of a variety of plans/schemes to the consumers. The plans differ from each other in many ways. So, below is the explanation of the various properties of ISP plans :

Speed : The speed of the data transfer is an important feature of all ISP plans. Obviously, the higher the speed, the faster is the Internet. One thing that is important to know with regard to the Internet speed is the difference between Kilobits & Kilobytes

Download limit : ISP plans usually have a download limit applied of a specific amount ex. 500 MB, 5 GB, etc. If the limit is exceeded within the period of the plan, then you are charged extra or the plan expires early. 

One thing to note is that this limit is not just limited to actual downloads. Even the data transferred while surfing web sites is included in it. This is because, to view a web site, the browser needs to 'download' its images & data temporarily. Similarly, the data transferred in chatting, playing videos, etc. is also included. Thus, it is actually the 'data transfer' limit rather than the 'download' limit.

                 How to reduce data transfer.

Note : These two properties (speed & download limit) are generally available complementarily to each other. For ex. The plan having a higher speed will have a lower download limit & vice versa. So, you will need to make a choice between the two. If you download a lot of data of a big size, then it is advisable to select a plan with a higher download limit. Otherwise, a faster plan would be better.

Night plans : Some ISPs offer night plans. In such plans, you are offered higher speeds & download limits between certain night hours. Ex. 10pm & 8am, etc. Use such plans only if you are absolutely sure to use it in the given time.

That's it! Good luck in selecting an Internet plan perfectly suitable for you.


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