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Using 7-Zip to compress files

7-Zip is a popular file compression software that specializes in the creation of compressed archives with the file extension *.7z. This type of compressed archive is well-known due to its high compression ratio, ie., it can compress the file size more than most other compression formats. Download it from here. Be sure to download the correct version. The majority of computers are 32-bit, so download the basic 32-bit version of 7-Zip. After downloading it, install it.

Now, to compress a file using 7-zip, follow these steps :

1. Select the files & folders that you wish to compress.

2. Open their right-click context menu ie., right-click on them.

3. Go to 7-Zip ----> Add archive.

4. A window will appear.

a) Select the desired location of the archive at the top of the window in the archive area.

b) Select the Archive format that you want. 7z is recommended due to its high compression ratio. Note that though 7z is recommended, few softwares (like 7-zip & WinRar) support the unpacking of these files. So, you could also use the Zip format as it is widely supported.

c) Select the compression level. It is recommended to use the Ultra level for the maximum compression ratio. It will take the maximum time, but for maximum compression ratio, it is worth the wait.

d) You can use the other features too, like securing the archive through a password from the 'encryption' area & splitting archive files to make it suitable for its data transmission through a Floppy/CD/DVD from the 'split to volumes, bytes' area.

d) It is best for Beginners to let the other options be as it is.

5) Click on OK. The process of creation of the compressed archive will now begin.

6) After the completion of this process, your required compressed archive will be saved in the location that you had selected. You can now open this archive through 7-zip or WinRAR.

So, creating a compressed archive is very easy.


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